Stuffing Envelopes Scam


Here is how it works:
The ad reads something like “You can earn between $500.00 and $10,000 working part time from your kitchen table stuffing envelopes for our company. All supplies are mailed to you and you will be paid before you ever send out your first letter. A small deposit is required to register you in our database and as a deposit for your office supplies.”
You send them $40 for supplies – the “deposit”. They send you a packet of information that has been copied 500 times and looks like crap.
The packet of information, usually 10 to 15 pages which tells you how to make the scam work.
1, you make copies of the “packet of information” they sent you.
2, Then you turn around and write an advertisement for “a stuffing envelopes job” and post it in newspaper or online.
3, when someone takes the bait and sends you the $40.00, you send them the same “packet” of information. And around and around it goes.
It gets better with today’s technology, scammers can advertise online and send you digital
information, they don’t even have to mail you the information any longer, saves on postage.

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