Saving Money: How To Do it In A Fun Way

Saving Money: How To Do it In A Fun Way

Saving money doesn’t have to be dull and hard. It can actually be a fun activity not only for you but for the whole family! Want to learn how to do that? Bellow you will find some great and fun tips how to save your money in a fun way. Believe me, with these you won’t even notice that you are saving money! Enjoy and have a great time being frugal!

Grow your own vegetable, fruits or herbs
Want to have fun? Start your own mini garden at home and you will save money on fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs for sure! It is not that hard to start growing it and it doesn’t take much space if you do that smart. Online there is a huge bunch of bits of advice how to start and maintain one mini garden. So there is nothing that can stop you here! Start growing your favorites and you will always have some fresh addition to your menu for free!

Get a ‘bad habit’ jar
Another tip is not only fun, but it will help your family to achieve some goals too. And in a few different ways, actually. First, make a special jar and write one bad habit you wish your family can live without perfectly. It can be something like eating junk food, saying bad words or not doing chores. Then explain basic rules for your family: every time someone does that bad habit, he or she has to put a 5 (or every other amount) dollar bill to the jar. At first the jar will be filled pretty quickly. But after some time your family members will start to avoid contributing to the family budget this way. And so you will eliminate that bad habit! Repeat this as much as you want, and soon you will enjoy a really big bunch of cash for sure!

Start couponing
You probably heard about extreme couponing and all huge savings these people who do that get as well. So why don’t you do that too and start to save big time? It can be quite a fun hobby and it will definitely save you some great amount of cash as well. Just know where to look for these coupons and you will always be saving money.

Cook more
Cooking at home is not only a frugal way to get yourself full, but it can turn out to be quite fun too. Especially if you ask your family member to help you out. If the whole family would gather all together and make a nice dinner, it can be a fun bonding experience too. And kids just love to cook and learn how to do it. So don’t be afraid of a little help in the kitchen and start cooking a meal at your home with your little ones. It will be a fun and frugal activity for sure!

Shop at garage sales
This way you will attend a pretty nice and fun neighborhood event and have a great time buying a lot cheaper stuff too. Garage sales are definitely a dream come true for all who wish to save money on bigger purchases like furniture or décor elements. And it is always pleasant to see how cheap everything on garage sale is. Apart from that, you will meet your neighbors and have a great time making friends too!

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