What A Stay At Home Mother Can Do To Make a Home Inspection Go As Planned

Couples that are selling their homes might be extremely busy during the week and have obligations on weekends. This can make prepping for a home inspection nearly impossible or being the last thing you want to do with your free time. Stay at home mothers have quite a bit on their plate but will have a little extra time to prepare for an impending inspection. The process of selling the home is coming to an end as an offer has been accepted and is dependent on the appraisal as well as the inspection. The appraisal is usually less of an issue than the inspection as a good real estate agent can usually give a realistic estimation of what a home is worth. The following are things that a stay at home mother can do to make the home inspection proceed without a hitch.

Start Doing Research

The first thing that a mother will have to do is to take a look at common repairs that inspectors suggest. The home inspection is going to be thorough so thinking the inspector is just going to let repairs slide by without including it in the report is not realistic. Once you have found the commonly reported repairs it is time to start to do an evaluation of which of these repairs apply to your home. Although you will receive a detailed report about repairs that have to be done, you will want to get out ahead of these repairs. A buyer might see a large amount of repairs and even if they are minor reconsider their offer on the home. Many buyers do not want to do any type of repairs once they move and that is non-negotiable for these type of buyers.

Put Together A Checklist

Get a checklist together of everything that you have to do to the home then plan out the repairs. There are going to be certain things that can be taken care of by yourself and those things that you will need professional help with. Putting a weekly agenda of repairs together can help this go smoothly and reduce the likelihood of forgetting to complete one. Prioritize these repairs as you might run out of time as people tend to like to have the inspection done as soon as possible after the offer on the home has been accepted.

What A Stay At Home Mother Can Do To Make a Home Inspection Go As Planned 3

Perform Certain Maintenance

Getting a tune up on the air conditioning and making sure all of the plumbing is in working order is important. A leaky pipe can cause mold and impact the choice of the buyer to go through with the purchase. Plumbing problems can be quite expensive to deal with so even a minor issue could be viewed as the tip of the iceberg as many plumbing problems could rear their ugly head in the first year of them owning the home. With teenagers you can have them paint certain rooms if there are marks on the wall or even allow them to patch holes.

Reach Out To Those That Have Done Renovations On The Home

One of the most important things is to reach out to those that have done renovations on the home to get paperwork if you do not have it filed away already. The last thing that a homeowner wants is to find out that a renovation was not up to code or was performed illegally by an unlicensed contractor. This could lead to thousands of dollars to fix this problem and get everything up to code. For this reason it is always important to ask for licenses as well as insurance as you do not want a worker getting hurt then taking you to court due to a mistake of their own.

Disclose Certain Repairs

Letting a buyer know about certain repairs that will need to be done can earn their trust. Far too many people try to get away without having to do any repairs or maintenance after the home inspection. This could include poor repair work being done or slapping a coat of paint on a damaged or discolored part of the home. If the buyers understand that there are going to be repairs that need to be done they will not be shocked when they see the ones that you have disclosed. Leaving things like a washer and dryer or refrigerator can help quell concerns about repairs that you might not want to make.

The home inspection process is only going to take a few hours with another day or two before the inspector writes up the report. Try to make this go as easily as possible as you want to sell your home quickly so you do not incur bills from the property like that of electric or water that need to be turned on during inspections or showings. Use these tips to make everything go as planned which might seem like a foreign concept in the home selling process!

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