Google Friend Connect soon restricted to Blogger users only. Post your FB, Twitter and G+ links

I’ve been hearing rumors that Google Friend Connect will soon be restricted to Blogger users only. Good Riddance to Bad Trash.

My take on this is – Real Sponsors don’t take Blogger blogs seriously and Serious bloggers are catching on. Recently there has been a mass exodus from Blogger as users realize “Hey I have created a successful blog but as long as I‘m on Blogger the community won‘t see me as successful.” 
Google must be catching on and hoping to scare Blogger users into staying. Google is probably betting that bloggers won’t be bright enough to realize that Face Book and Twitter, as a tool, are far more effective.

The fact of the matter is, if you don’t have a self hosted blog, you appear to be just playing around with this blogging thing. You can piss and moan and squeal as much as you want, but the unfortunate truth is you’re not considered a “Real Blogger” unless you’re self hosted.

You’re little group my disagree, you may have tons of followers with a high PR, but you’re still on Blogger – the wrong side of the tracks.

Now I know what you’re thinking “You Witch! You have no idea what you‘re talking about. My blog is 10 times more successful than yours”

I’m not saying I condone the idea of Blogger being the hag tag of the blogging community, I’m just telling it like it is.
I build Blogger templates/themes/layouts every day for happy Blogger users, but they all come back to me asking to have their theme recreate for WordPress.

Regardless if you use Blogger,,, Joomla, ZenCart or one of the other ten thousand platforms, it’s a good idea to start moving your followers to FaceBook Fan Pages, Twitter and G+ pages now before GFC leaves us all together.

PLEASE leave a comment with a link to your FaceBook Fan Page, Twitter and G+ pages so I may follow you.

Mine are: FaceBook, Twitter, G+

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