Blogs and Websites that Make My Right Eye Twitch

While mulling over FaceBook this morning I glanced over a status update by George Takei – Love him, but he must live on Face Book
……. not that you care ……. but it got me thinking “you never hear anything about Chekov” I Googled him and OMGOSH! Walter Dear! Please can I give you a Fan Site Makeover!

I’m pretty sure the entire thing is HTML – Oh it’s the “WHAT NOT TO WEAR” of the internet!
DUDE! You were on Star Trek!
Not to mention ‘WordPress is FREE!’, hosting is all of 7 bucks a month!
You’re giving thousands to charity, you can splurge a little on the website.
And I’ll upgrade it for FREE!

Walter Koenig, PLEASE let me update your Website!


Yesterday, I was looking for Craft Foam. You know the stuff it’s like paper, but it’s thicker and soft – I don’t know, whatever, you know what I mean.
Anyway, I have a bucket full of the stuff, all but Light Blue which of course is exactly what my 7 year old needs for a project.

I Google it to get a brand name and I come up with

Obviously they skipped the market research on this site.
I know it’s a wholesale site, but …. but ….. but!

How does that say “BUY FROM ME”?
Two Word ‘Zen Cart


The next type of Website I hate are those which you can’t close!
You know the type, they have pop ups that make you click OK and download a bunch of crap or they won’t let you leave the site.

I don’t understand WHY Google doesn’t ban those?

Dear Google,
If you want to truly help us out – BAN ALL SITES WITH POP UPS.

Make them unsearchable, that’s all that needs to be done.
If Google gave one of those Virus errors every time a site used a pop up ad, all sites with pop up ads would be gone within 48 hours.


Yale School of Art

I am in no way kidding about this, someone programmed a perfectly good site, then someone must have come along and started taking bits of code out of it to make it look that ridiculous.
That’s not Art folks, that’s programming sacrilege!

Again “The WordPress PROGRAM IS FREE!”
Download it here: WordPress Program Download


P & M Computers Inc

The site is Consistently Loading. It’s designed to look like it’s loading. It has been programmed to actually look like it’s having difficulty doing what computers are supposed to do.
This one took me from eye twitching to full blown site seizures!
Who would do this to a site?


I’m not a Website Design Diva by any means – I recycle themes.
I can’t spell, my grammar sucks, I don’t even Blog Daily – But Come On! Blogger would be a better option for these sites.

My Point: There are Moms, Stay at Home, Average Moms, who blog about Coupons!! – and THOSE sites look more professional than those I have mentioned above.

Functionality, Clarity, Easy – and pretty colors, but the first 3 are the most important.

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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