Shopping with my 7 year old Self Proclaimed Drama Queen

Riley: Mom, I want this?
Me: No.
Riley: Moooooom?
Me: No – 1
Riley: But I don’t have this is blue.
Me: No – 2
Riley: Moooom, (aggravated sigh) what are you doing?
Me: I’m counting how many times I have to say no after the initial no.
Riley: That’s stupid.
What if I don’t ask for another thing else, just this?
Me: No – 3
Riley: Why Not?
Me: Does it count as a No if I explain why I’m saying no?
Riley: Mom, that’s stupid! Stop it!!!
Me: I’m just trying to get the statistics right
Riley: Ok, ok, I’ll just get this little one.
Me: No – Mmm is that 4?
Riley: Moooom, come on. Stop it. I just want this one.
Me: No – 5
Riley: MOM! Why can’t I have this?
Me: Are you sure I can’t count it as a No if I don’t say no, but I explain why I’m saying no? Because I’m sure that would put us at 7 now.
Riley: MOM!!!!!!

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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