How to Create a Money / Dollar Wreath (Aggravation Wreath)

Once a kid hits about 9 years old, figuring out what to send him/her for Christmas is impossible – we send cash.
Usually I get a card that holds cash, but this year I went in a different direction – Aggravation Wreath.
If you can’t figure out why it’s called an “Aggravation Wreath” try taking it apart to spend it!

Here’s how to make a Dollar Wreath.

1) Grab a buck and have about 15 to 17 on hand

2) Turn it upside down

3) Fold it in half

4) Fold it in half the other way and make a good crease, then unfold just this fold.

5) Using the second fold as a marker for the middle of your dollar, fold into a point.

6) Flip it over

7) Fold each of the flaps up – this is impossible to explain so look at the picture.

8 ) Fold the little bottom flaps into a triangle inward.

9) Fold the little flaps up so you have a triangle.

10) I don’t know why I’m typing instructions, they don’t make sense – look at the pictures.

11) Fold the whole thing in half so you’re making a smaller triangle

Make Several.

12) The open end has 2 little pointed ends, the other end has 2 little openings.
Slide the pointed ends into the openings of another folded dollar.

13) Make a circle by repeating step # 12.

14) Decorate.

I use 20 – $1’s and 1 – $5 = $25
Don’t “Stick” the bills together with tape or any other sticky substance – you want them to come apart at some part.

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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