Have I helped you?

I love to help! I secretly want to be a superhero – well I guess now my secret is out

If my blog has helped you in some way, would you please consider donating a cup (or a few cups) of food via The Hunger Site.

Or if you prefer one of the sister sites:

How this got started:
In July 2011, a woman who knew someone, who knew someone, I had helped, asked me to change the background color on her blog. That took me all of 5 minutes, so when she offered to pay me I politely refused.

This prompted an irate email from the woman as she explained how insulted she was that I would not accept payment.
I asked her ….. Nicely (keep in mind I just changed her background color for Free) ….. I asked her nicely if she would mind, in lieu of payment, if she would donate to The Hunger Site. [http://www.thehungersite.com/clickToGive/home.faces?siteId=1 ] I explained that we donated in the names of our friends and family members as their Christmas presents and she would be doing me a favor if she would take care of one of the gifts.
This was acceptable and as I did more blog work for other people I asked them if they would do the same and forward the receipt to my email address.

The generous acts of so many of you have helped so many others.
If I have helped you in some way, please consider donating to one of the sites above and either emailing me or leaving a comment below.
Thank you,

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