How I plan to Zen-mas Our Christmas (and I‘m taking suggestions!)

I am NOT a Christmas person, I’d LOVE to be a Christmas person, but I hate the shopping, crowds, the money, parties (more money), Christmas dinner (I don‘t cook), Christmas music, trying to keep my daughter from eating the decorations (that‘s been a 4 year treat!) – but most of all I hate not knowing what to buy for the people I love (and those I don‘t).

I’m not the greatest gift finder – actually I suck at it! I want to be great at it, but I usually manage to find one near perfect gift a season ….. and I stress over this All Year!

Everyone Loves Gift Card – right? NO! My Dad and Step mom never use gift cards. Plus my parents have everything.

Here are several of my stressing points:
When is the right date to send out Christmas cards?
If I’m sending overseas is it to late to ship?
Will my dad get the humor behind the fuzzy slippers?
My niece is 12 and is in that ‘Hates Everything’ stage.
My in-laws live on the other side of the country – we talk 3 times a year.
Are movie passes considered a gift or a cop-out?
Christmas dinner?
I’m supposed to bring WHAT to the Christmas party?
I don’t cook!


This is going to be a “Several Part-er” post.
Please make suggestions and I’ll let you know how things work out along the way.

#1 Christmas cards – I like to make my own Christmas cards, but coming up with ideas every year is almost impossible.
My Short Cut – Digital Scrapbooking. It’s a God Send. There are moms out there who are fabulous with PhotoShop and other programs and they create digital scrap booking elements, pages, cards and what not.
You need very little creative ability and you can download the free program GIMP to edit your Christmas card creations.
Some Digital Scrapbook sets come as cards – Even easier. is my favorite!
She has something called “Brag Books” just purchase a brag book template, they are usually under $5 and use one of those templates as either the front of your Christmas card Or the front of your Christmas POST CARD!
Yes I said Post Card and why not? They cost less and everyone from your door to your recipient gets to enjoy it. You’re just spreading joy all over the place!
Here’s a cute template:

Print them out on either post card stock or pre-cut cards (which come with envelopes) available everywhere from WalMart to Staples or heavy card stock available at the same stores.
Just pop some pictures behind the template and click print. Sign it, address it, stamp it and off they go.

Christmas Post Cards from 2009 and 2010

Next post: Gifts for the Impossible to buy for (or please)

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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