Instructions to Follow if You Want to Travel with Your Dog

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When you plan a family vacation, it is understandable to want to bring the whole family, including pets. Unfortunately, traveling with your dog is not as simple as traveling with other family members. That does not mean that your dog has to be left at home, though. 


With the proper planning and preparation, your dog can enjoy the same family vacation that the rest of you get to enjoy. We have collected some essential things to consider if you want to bring your dog with you on your next vacation.


Whether you are traveling in a car, a train, or an airplane, it is necessary to crate your dog for travel. Using a crate while on the road helps your dog to feel safe. The crate also protects the driver from potential distractions caused by a dog roaming the vehicle. 


For the crate to be comfortable for your dog, you should consider including a soft mat and blanket for the trip. The crate should be large enough for your pup to stand up, turn around, and lay down in. However, if the crate is too large, then it becomes a danger to the pet. 


When traveling with your dog by airplane, boat, train, or bus, you will want to verify the crate specifications with the travel company. Most companies have precise guidelines regarding safe pet travel, and it is your responsibility to ensure that you are within the guidelines.

Supplies to Pack

Be sure to pack anything your pet might need in a separate and easily accessible bag. You would want to ensure that your pet has all of his food and snack essentials, so stock up before your trip. You would also need to pack water and food bowls for your dog.


Your dog will require a leash and harness for any stops made along the way. You may also want to have a few dog toys handy to entertain your pup away from home. If your dog is on any routine medications, you should also make sure to bring those.

Instructions to Follow if You Want to Travel with Your Dog

Bathroom Breaks

Because traveling with a dog is more complex than usual, it is a good idea to have a general outline of rest stops along your route. Unlike your other family members, your dog cannot give you the same kind of warnings that a bathroom break is needed. 


Giving your dog plenty of opportunities to get out of the crate and walk around is a good idea as well. You might also want to allow your dog to play with familiar toys during these breaks and make sure he gets plenty of exercise. 


Give your dog a small meal from while stopping for a halt to reduce the probability of car sickness. If you buy any food for you at a bar or restaurant, avoid anything that has onions on it as they are very dangerous to dogs. Learn more about that subject here: 


Not every hotel is considered pet-friendly, so it is crucial to have a lodging plan when traveling with your dog. Once you find a hotel that will allow pets, remember to respect the hotel property and other guests. 


Make a plan for your dog if you have to go somewhere that the dog is not welcome. Many dogs will experience anxiety if left alone in an unfamiliar place, which could end up in property damage as a result of stress.

Final Thoughts

Traveling with your dog is a fantastic experience. Dogs appreciate family experiences, and they do not like to be left behind. If you are planning for an upcoming trip in the future, you might consider getting your dog used to travel by taking several shorter trips along the way. This will help to prepare your dog for the long car journey ahead. Your trip can be successful with the proper preparation.


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