10 Things You Can Do With A Video Baby Monitor Other Than Watch A Baby (And Are Legal)

10 Things You Can Do With A Video Baby Monitor Other Than Watch A Baby (And Are Legal)

10 Things You Can Do With A Video Baby Monitor Other Than Watch A Baby

(And Are Legal)

Recently I received the Easy @ Home Digital Baby Monitor for review. A few of my friends questioned why I wanted a video baby monitor since my girls are …. well not babies anymore. My answer was simple. I want to know who’s at the door when I’m in the basement working and this was the perfect solution.
My sister uses a video baby monitor for her kids and loves it, but there are so many different uses for a digital baby monitor

1. Checking on a loved one.
I was visiting a dear friend the other day when she mentioned her husband had been in the garage for a while and should have come in for lunch. They are elderly, and with the garage not attached to the house it’s difficult for my friend to check on her husband to make sure he’s just lost track of time. A video/digital baby monitor is perfect! He takes the camera with him to the garage and sets it up wherever he’s working and she can check in on him to make sure he’s just working on his latest project.

2. Caring for an elderly parent.
More and more adult children are taking care of aging parents with dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. A video monitor outside their door is a great way give them privacy and to see them as they leave their room at night or after a nap.

3. The Kids
I’m not for spying on the kids, but lets face it – the game is only time my husband actually sits down. He can monitor the girls from the Man Cave and know when he needs to break up an argument and when they are just playing loudly.

4. Toddlers
Who hasn’t left their toddler in the living room playing quietly as you sneak off to the bathroom for 5 seconds only to hear a large crash and go running from the bathroom. It’s nice to know when that crash is something that can wait long enough for you to wash your hands or if it’s something worse.

5. Practical Jokes.
When you need to know when your indented joke victim is at the door.

6. Little extra piece of mind.
Camp is in the middle of the woods. It’s very safe, but at night every noise feels like a cause for alarm. Pointing the camera at the camp door at night is just a little extra piece of mind.

7. Holidays.
Christmas parties are great until you’re at the door with armfuls of food and you can’t reach the bell. If the host could see people approaching, the door would be open and help would be waiting.

8. Including everyone
I’ll never forget the year my father broke his ankle right before Christmas. Making it from the bed to the living room Christmas morning was nearly impossible. He wanted to be involved, but couldn’t get comfortable. Moving the presents into the bedroom really wasn’t an option. Video monitoring would have made life much easier. When dad woke up from pain meds he could have enjoyed a few minutes on the monitor before dozing back off.

9. Children with disabilities
As much as parents try to keep tabs on our disabled kids, they can’t always be in the same room. And there are other times when you have to shovel the walk at night in the middle of a Nor’Easter and it’s just not possible to bundle up the kids to go out and play in the snow as you shovel (Yes, this has actually happened to us.)
I can put the kids in the living room with a movie and the camera, closed all the doors and place the monitor in the front window where I can see it while I’m shoveling.

10. Monitoring service people
Ever have curtains hung or a new cleaning lady?
Obviously you don’t want to be underfoot, but you don’t always feel safe leaving them alone in different areas of your home. Most people are trustworthy, but when you’re not sure it doesn’t hurt to mention the baby monitors “Please be careful not to disturb our baby video monitoring system. As you can see the cameras are throughout the house.”

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