20 Baby Names of the Most ‘Naughty’ Children

20 Baby Names of the Most Naughty ChildrenWho’s been naughty and nice this year? According to SchoolStickers.com Their annual survey has revealed the names of children who received plenty of our rewards from teachers this year and those who need to try a little harder to be good on the run up to Christmas.

Also, if you’re pregnant, you may want to avoid a few names from the Naughty list – just to cover all bases.
(Side Note: I have a sister named Amy – You may want to skip that one. Just say’n. I know it’s on the Good List and all, but take a tip from her big sister ….. you may just want to stay clear of that one.)

Nicest Girls Naughtiest Girls Nicest Boys Naughtiest Boys
Amy Ella Jacob Joseph
Georgia Bethany Daniel Cameron
Emma Eleanor Thomas William
Charlotte Olivia James Jake
Grace Laura Adam Joshua
Sophie Holly Harry Jamie
Abigail Courtney Samuel Lewis
Hannah Amber Jack Benjamin
Emily Caitlin Oliver Ethan
Alice Jade Ryan Luke

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