Best April Fools Joke Ever!

I can’t remember if this is something my husband did, had done to him or a story he heard, but regardless I hope to do it justice.

I’m going to tell it as if it were my husband, because …. It just sounds better.

Years ago when my husband was young and single, he and a buddy where driving up the east coast in the dead of night.
Around 3am, my husband decided he couldn’t stay awake.
Unable to wake his buddy with a couple of nudges he figured he’d take an approach sure to keep the guy awake for the rest of the trip.

Hubby drove into the rest stop, parked his compact car inches from the nose of a tractor trailer with it’s lights on and yelled “OH GOD AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH”

At which point his buddy woke up, pissed himself, punched my husband and agreed to drive the next 50 miles home if my husband would loan him a clean dry pair of pants.

Best April Fools Joke Ever!

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