Color Run – learning to jog #colorrun #jogging

Color Run – learning to jog

Color Run - learning to jog

The thought of jogging is very unappealing to me, it’s like reading, you can’t do anything other than THAT Thing when you’re doing THAT Thing.
Jogging means I’m trapped inside my head with nothing but my thoughts – honestly I don’t want to spend that much time with myself. It’s not that I don’t like myself, I Love myself, but I know I’m boring.
I’m a Programmer for pete sake! I can put myself to sleep while talking about something I find fascinating.

Here’s the thing. My youngest daughter is like an energy magnet and as I was watching her run full speed back and forth across the lawn I thought “she needs a hamster wheel” – then a while later I had an epiphany! Why not Jog with my Daughter. This way I’m not stuck in my head I’ll have something …. some one to focus on.

I have a call into her doctor to see if she can train using the chart above – I’m thinking she could probably start at Week 3. They need to add a Week 0 for me, which is more like walking around the block twice, then move on to Week 0b walking around the block quickly twice, then we can move on to a minute of actual running – but who knows.

Anyone else interested in running? Do you run? What do you think about?

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