I know far to much about @NBCNews anchors and reports

I know far to much about the @NBCNews anchors and reports

NBC News


I love watching the Nightly News … and the Today Show …. and apparently the weekend version of each. But it didn’t occur to me just how much I was paying attention until I asked my daughter to turn on the news.

Me: Channel 6 please, Mumma needs her Lester Holt fix.
Riley: Who’s Lester Holt
Me: He’s the handsome Jamaican man who usually does The Today Show Weekend and the Nightly News Weekend, but he’s taking over while Brain Williams is recovering from knee surgery.

………… AND IT HITS ME I know a lot about the anchors and reports at NBC.

Just a few examples:
Brian Williams

Brian Williams @bwilliams underwent knee replacement surgery after 35 years of pain in his right knee. Williams LOVES watching television and could become a political comedian if this Lead Anchor thing doesn’t work out.



Anne ThompsonAnne Thompson ‏@annenbcnews
Thompson wore a “magic blue” shirt during almost every report for the Nightly News during the Louisiana oil spill. So popular were her “magic blue” shirts that a Louisiana artist did a painting of her in the shirt which she keeps on her desk.


Jenna Wolfe

Jenna Wolfe @JennaWolfe, Born in Jamaica, but grew up in Haiti. Wolfe is having her first child with Foreign Correspondent Stephanie Gosk @stephgosk. Jenna is 8 ½ months pregnant with a baby girl!



Matt LauerMatt Lauer @Mlauer is a Germaphobe – however, you don’t have to be an avid view of the Today Show to know that fact since it’s mentioned at least once a week.



David GregoryDavid Gregory @davidgregory, Gregory carries a purse and has the most boring job in America. Gregory of Meet the Press frequents the Today Show’s stage left anchor chair filling in for Lauer.



Natalie MoralesNatalie Morales‘ big sister Patricia made her drink Pee when they were children. @NMoralesNBC



Al Roker

Al Roker @alroker, resident TechnoGeek and Comedian.
Roker had gastric bypass surgery for weight loss. And pooped his pants at the White House.



Andrea MitchellAndrea Mitchell @mitchellreports, Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent has been with NBC for 35 years and tweets something important almost every 2 hours (or at least her staff does.)



If you were to put Andrea Mitchell and Anne Curry in the same room NO ONE WOULD SPEAK for fear of missing something important.


Ann CurryThe Epic Power of Anne Curry @AnnCurry, she need only tweet an idea to start a revolution. #20Acts [#26acts] was a simple idea that Tens of thousands of people on Twitter made it a reality.
No President, Congress/Parliament/Legislative Member or Royal has the Power of Ann Curry. Jesus himself would be hard pressed to motivate as many people as quickly as Ann Curry.
Other bits about Curry, according to Ann her parents allowed her to eat dinner in front of the TV – and look how she turned out! Now someone explain how the ‘family dinner’ is beneficial?


…….. and oddly with all I have learned and remembered from the NBC News teams I’m obviously not very observant. I never noticed that Holt was black until someone pointed it out to me, but I still confused Natalie Morales and Savannah Guthrie almost daily.

I admit it, I have a mad mommy crush on Lester Holt! And as much as I miss the smart remarks from Brian Williams, I’m going to enjoy every last Nightly News with Lester Holt.

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