Mail Me a Dollar

I was standing outside, waiting for my daughter’s bus, Bluetooth stuck in my ear, listening to my sister yammer away about the same things she always yammers about and my mind began to wonder when she said “…… and it‘s not like people are just going to give you money” and just to stop the monotony of bitching about boy friend number 14, I said “Why Not?


Have you ever asked someone to send you money?

“No! People don‘t do that.”

People send televangelists money and most people hate them.

“There is a point to sending them money.”

There‘s a point in sending you money, aren‘t you going to spend it?

“Beth!” she still insists on calling me that “No one is going to send you a buck just because you tell them to.”

Sure they will. People love that kind of shit! I‘d do it!

“You‘d mail some perfect stranger a buck if they told you to?”

Not every perfect stranger, but if someone wrote a cheesy blog post and told me to send them a buck, I‘d do it.

Pause – “Let me guess – you’re going to put up your paypal address and tell people to send you a buck.”

Nope. I‘m going to tell them to grab an actual envelope and right now – write my address on it:
PO Box 7074
Scarborough, Maine 04070

Slip in a dollar bill, plunk a stamp on it and put it out with tomorrows mail – right now before you read any further.

“Why do you think anyone is going to send you a dollar just because you told them to.”

To shut you up!

“Please! And what are you going to give them for their buck?”

Nothing! No, I take that back – everyone who sends me a dollar I will post a text link to their blog or online store or their website or whatever (being it not illegal) in a blog post titled ‘People Who Mailed Me a Dollar To Shut My Sister Up

“Nice! It won‘t work.”

Why not? I have a PR rank of 3, 724 FaceBook Fans, 1300 Twitter followers and my site gets over 5000 unique views a month PLUS I “Triberr” my reach is about a million people – that’s worth a dollar to get an honest to goodness text link in a post.

“And what are you going to do with the dollar they send you?”

I am going to spend it frivolously! And I‘m going to post a picture of what I bought in the post with the text links and I‘m going to give the post and the image unbelievably high ranking key words so it gets tons of traffic!!

Once again, here is where you send a dollar to shut my sister up:
PO Box 7074
Scarborough, Maine 04070

Send just (one) 1 dollar, it doesn’t even have to be American!
And …… and a Note! I want a note. It doesn’t have to be a long note, but IF it’s a good note, a funny note, I’ll scan it and post it also.
In the note, tell me what you want your text link to say and the URL.

No derogatory text links, remarks or notes – Example, I won‘t post the “N” word or anything like ‘fagot‘.
Nothing illegal!
This is not a contest or any kind a game. There are no prizes.
You won’t get your dollar back.
I reserve the right to bring this all to an end anytime I want – so don‘t be a dink and screw it up.

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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