My Love Hate Relationship with SoloStream Themes

SoloStream Themes

SoloStream Themes


Today is a prime example of my love hate relationship with SoloStream Themes.
They look great right? I mean they really look great. My clients love the way they look. They are an easy sell.

The problem?
Setting up the themes. It’s nearly impossible!

Today I’m creating a child theme for WP-Venus. It’s a lovely theme but I need to change a few things to make it just a little different.

I upload the theme. I create a child theme folder and upload that. I put in a CSS for the child theme – no problems there. And then FROM MEMORY I install the “Get The Image” plugin, because the theme doesn’t show featured images without it.

FROM MEMORY I go in to featured-wide.php and change featured to featured-2 because I remember that tags are a HUGE SoloStream ISSUE!

FROM MEMORY I create a Home page and with the alt home page ….. and on and on ……. and so on and you now why I’m doing this FROM MEMORY?

Because after your little membership with SoloStream expires there is not only NO SUPPORT – there are NO DIRECTIONS.

You got it. There are No Directions! Do even though I purchased EVERY Single theme a few years ago, I’m not allowed to access the directions for setup unless I purchase ALL the themes again or repurchase the theme I’m working.

Not only do they not provide directions after your membership expires, they don’t provide support. Ok, I can live without the support, but no one tells you that after your membership expires you’ll have to guess your way through setting up each and every theme!

I don’t remember reading that the Directions were not included with the theme. I’m sure it’s there now, I’ve complained about it enough over the years.

I spend a good portion of my time trying to figure out WHY SoloStream won’t do what it does in the demo, because SoloStream is doing everything in it’s POWER to make old customers NEVER Return.

The entire concept of Service After the Sale is LOST on this company. I was a good customer. I purchased their entire inventory. Why wouldn’t they want to include the directions? How difficult would it be to just make them available online or maybe include them or maybe available only after you login, but not have to pay for something you’ve already paid for in order to get the directions on how to setup the stupid theme.

I’ve been contacted by the people of SoloStream before and they said if I had just asked nicely they would have given me a life time membership. Really? I paid for the product but now I have to ask nicely for the directions?

I don’t want a life time membership! I want the directions.
At this point I never want to see another SoloStream Theme again! And I ALWAYS feel this way. Every time! Why do I keep doing this to myself?

BE WARNED: If you ever use SoloStream – Create Screen-shots of the directions to EVERY theme you download.

Now I’m stuck trying to once again figure out WHY the slider will only work when the themes Alt Home Page isn’t loaded. And now I’ve taken my little break to write the post I want to write each time I install one of these themes, I’ll get back to hating SoloStream.

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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