Signs of Autism – You may have an Autistic Child if … (funny)

When you think about the Signs of Autism you automatically either think of 15 year old boys screaming in Wal-Mart or an ‘Autism Recovery’ story you’ve seen. Unless of course you live with Autism every day, than the things below seem like normal every day occurrences. These are funny if you live this, but could be confusing if you don’t.

You may have an Autistic Child ….

… if when you walk into a restaurant, mall or doctors office your child’s smart device automatically connects to the buildings WiFi.

If the “required safety attachments” are more of a death trap for your child and must be removed before it is safe to use.
* note: we had to remove the safety netting from the trampoline because my daughter used it for flips.

If you’ve ever walked into your child’s bedroom and found them doing something similar to Keira on rollerblades, skate jumping on her giant trampoline.

If ‘average’ children seem slow.

If your child can’t figure out how to ask for a cookie, but understands the algorithm used by YouTube to predict what you may want to watch next.

If your child refuses to sleep in their new bed, but insists on sleeping in the dog bed or on the hardwood floor or on the trampoline or any other place that would be deemed uncomfortable.

If your child has an odd accent, but only when saying some words in certain sentences.

If “app” is your child’s primary language.

If you can trust that your child will never watch an inappropriate video on YouTube because those videos do not fall within your child’s ‘stim’ set.

If your child seems to be oblivious 24/7, only to quote word for word everything said by every person in the last 7 days.

If your child is incapable of ‘summing up’ anything.

If your child has the inability to speak but the ability to manipulate large groups of people on demand.
* Keira had 2 schools convinced she couldn’t write or even hold a pencil! In reality she was 5 years old and spelling 5 grade spelling words.

If when your child screams you know the difference between pain, pissed off and they are just looking for the blue crayon.

If you pack a bag of “supplies” before leaving the house to go anywhere even though your child is 15 years old or older.

If you know some of the ER nurses by their first name.

If you have ever been information by Poison Control that your question “makes their board” (board of strangest questions)

If you know the phone number to Poison Control by heart: 1 800 222 1222

If you have ever received Christmas cards from Poison Control! (I’m not even kidding)

If your child has sensory issues with finger paint, but not mud.

If your child can tell you the exact frequency by ear, but can’t tell where you are in the house when you’re screaming his name.
* Thank you Janet, that made me laugh for hours.

If when another mom tells you about something strange their ‘average’ child has done you know you can top that story several times over, but you smile and listen politely.

If you no longer understand normal communication.

If your child has ever been given the latest and greatest toy only to looked at it without any idea of what to do or even cared.

Elements used to create Featured image Artwork provided by Created by Jill.

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