The Man Sham Chamois Cloth #mansham


The Man Sham Chamois Cloth is THE cloth you need for drying your car! It soaks up so much water; you will find yourself wondering where this amazing cloth has been your whole life. One of the most frustrating parts of washing the car is the drying. Many cloths or towels are rough, and can actually scratch away at your paint job, costing you money. Many of them don’t soak up enough water, so you spend way more time drying than necessary. The Man Sham solves both of these problems! You will find that this chamois cloth is made of soft materials and will never scratch your paint. And the Man Sham is made of a material called PVA, a synthetic material that is made for absorbing water. You can be sure that when you use the Man Sham, it will soak up tons of water! Instead of drying your car with five towels, creating a load of laundry to wash, you can use the Man Sham and save the time and energy. Who needs towels when you have the Man Sham? The material is soft, so it easily wrings out, and you can continue using it until the job is done. It comes with a really neat storage container too!

You know how it can be when you go to wash the car. You love your baby, but you just want to do the job and get it done. You have probably tried other types of cloths for drying, but they all have disappointed you in some way. They either are hard and difficult to dry with, or they are made of materials that scratch the surface of your car. They don’t soak up enough water, and they leave streaks. The list goes on and on. The Man Sham Chamois Cloth is none of these! You will love this product! It does the job of drying your car, just exactly the way you want it done. You can dry your car with ease, and in less time. It is safe for your paint, soaks up tons of water, and doesn’t leave streaks! I don’t think it can get any better than this!

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