Things Our Parents Never Said

If you are over 30 years old there is a good chance you’re parents never said the following when you were growing up, but these are things I say almost daily to my kids …..

If you’re over 30 your parent probably never said the following when you were growing up …..

1. Can’t you find it on Amazon? We have Prime, it’s free shipping!

2. Until you have completed your project – No WiFi!

** My mother is so technologically inept that we had several televisions she never figured out how to turn on and off

3. Unplug it for 10 seconds then see what it does.
(It’s assumed you’re bright enough to know you have to plug it back in.)

4. Yes, I can deposit your allowance into your PayPal account.
(Just take a moment to think about how ingenious that is.)

5. You can have your phone (tablet, smart device) back when your room is clean.

6. No. You cannot use my stylus. You have 3, where are they?

** I recently told my father I couldn’t find my stylus. He told me I should see my step mother’s. (Dad, it’s StylUS not Stylist)

7. I need to use your laptop. Go watch some TV for pete sake. We have 400 channels, use a few.

8. I am not paying for these again. Make sure you upload all your new books to the cloud!

9. Just change out the keyboard! Were you born in the dark ages?

10. Where’s my Bluetooth headset that you borrowed?

11. Probably never used the word Router in a sentence.

12. The word “Blog”

13. Text me when you get there.

14. I downloaded the music and saved it to your MP3 player.

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