The Great Selfie Stick Giveaway Week! So Many #SelfieSticks

The Great Selfie Stick Giveaway Week!

In our FaceBook Giveaway Group we are giving away #SelfieSticks

Many Selfie Sticks – And we’re not going to stop giving them away until they’re gone!

How do you enter? It’s Easy!!!

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: If you’re not a member join

Step 3: Leave a comment on the current current Selfie Stick Promotion!

Each promotion lasts less than 24 hours – so Go! Now! Before it’s over!!

Current Promotion: It’s Selfie Stick Week!! Giveaway Part 2!
Let’s see how many Selfie Sticks we can giveaway this week.

This giveaway is for one of the test model selfie sticks I received recently for review. The product was tested once and is now up for Giveaway!!
A random selfie stick will be pulled from the prize basket and given to one winner.

* How to enter: Easy – leave a comment in the eDee Williams Group in the current giveaway thread. You’re Done!

* Giveaway ends 23:59:59 Eastern time 9/3/15 (Another giveaway will start shortly after this one ends until they are gone!)

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