When good videos go viral & Rainbow Cake

“Can I see the video of the Rainbow Bright cake that Daddy made for my Hello Kitty birthday” ~ AND that sentence isn’t even the oddest thing about this post!

How do video’s go viral?

I pulled up the Rainbow Bright cake video and ARE YOU SHITTING ME!! Over 130,000 views!

It’s a 13 SECOND – yes, count to 13 – 13 second video of a rainbow birthday cake, that my husband (the maintenance guy) made just because it “looked cool” and I uploaded it so my out of state in-laws could see it. It doesn’t even have a description, I don’t think I put in tags!

Now this video is far far far from viral – it’s not even entertaining, but what makes a video viral?


This video is cool.
When it’s below 0 outside, take boiling water, through it in the air – it turns to steam! Stream – Instantly – it hasn’t made it to 200 views

Even my “Right Eye Twitching!!!!” video is far more interesting than rainbow cake.

My breaking 2 boards with my bare hand has under 30 views!

Hey Whatever! If you know what makes a video viral, please let me know.

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