Why are people so bizarre?

Bizarre Behavior

The excuse that doesn’t excuse!
I was leaving the mall awhile back and some lady was stripping down naked in the doorway.
The security guard rushed over and asked the woman what she was doing – the woman response was “It‘s ok, I run!
Yes, I’ve seen the triathlons where people swim across the ocean then once on the beach strip down to change into dry clothes before biking 100 miles, but this is the MALL! And there is a perfectly good rest room not 15 feet from the door.

The Irony
Once when we were “Up North” visiting my Grandparents, my Grandmother came home from the market in quite a huff! Apparently Mrs. McGwyre was in the market and didn’t even lift her head to say Hello to my crotchety grandmother. And granny was fit to be tide (I have no idea what that means)

When I asked “She didn‘t say anything to you when you said Hello?”
My grandmother replied “I didn‘t say anything to her! You don‘t say Hello to someone who doesn‘t even acknowledge you‘re standing 2 aisles down from them.”

Anyone see the irony?

Drama – Say what you MEAN!!!
I could live a long happy life if I never had to deal with drama.
Why is it people can’t just say what they mean? What is with this “Code of Speaking” or “Decoding”?
Apparently those who can’t decode what people “Really Meanby what they say, have Autism – this would account for why 75% of autistics are MALE!
This would also indicate that I am Autistic since I take what people say for face value and I expect others to do the same for me, but it doesn’t happen that way.

The best example I can give is when I worked for StarBucks. My manager asked me if I knew how to restock coffee? I said yes and explained how in 2 sentences. She said good and I went back to what I was doing. A half hour later she was pissed! Yell at me from another room, demanding to know why the coffee hadn’t been restocked.
“Well, you never asked me to restock the coffee. You asked me if I knew how!”
Her response was “Don‘t tell me you‘re that stupid!”
Me: No. I’m not, but obviously YOU ARE!
Why not just say ‘eDee, go stock the coffee’? How hard would that have been?

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