$50 Worth of Clothes Absolutely FREE Right Now – NO CATCH – NO with purchase – Schoola

This is NOT a sponsored post. However, every member receives a “share” link to collect credits for future purchases.

$50 Worth of Clothes Absolutely FREE Right Now

NO CATCH – NO with purchase – I just did it.

This is for real – you actually can get $50 of free clothes on the site Schoola.com!!
And there is NO with purchasse crap! It’s just free!! Really Really Truly Free!!

1. click my ‘friend’ link to sign up Schoola.com (You’ll get one also, that will help you earn credit towards MORE FREE Clothing.)

Signing up will apply a $15 credit to your account (you won’t see it till you fill your cart).

2. Click at the top on collections and click create a collection. All you have to do is name the collection and add one thing, and it will give you another $10 credit.

3. Fill your cart up with $50 of clothes.

4. Then go to your cart and enter ‪#‎schoolasummer‬ in the coupon code.

It will take the rest of your purchase (up to $50) – it will be totally free with Free Shipping!

The clothes are secondhand so they are less expensive too! But many still have Tags on them!!

I signed up, stored my credit card number for the next time. I ordered $50 then stopped to make sure it was free!! It was!! Go To Schoola.com Right Now!! Before they come to their senses!

A Great Big Thank You to Athena from TheStuffOfSuccess.com for the Heads Up!!



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