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Looking for a Great Wall USB Charger?


Then look no further. The Abco Tech Travel Wall USB Charger is going to end your search. I get it. Good wall chargers are hard to come by, especially USB chargers. Some seem to charge too slow, others get too hot, and others still are just way too expensive. When I was given the opportunity to review this one, I figured it seemed like a pretty good deal. The company said this charger is a USB charger, and not only fast but can charge up to 4 devices at once. Absolutely worth  a look.


This is the AbcoTech USB Travel Wall USB Charger. It’s a fairly small unit that plugs into a wall outlet. When all 4 ports are being used it outputs approximately 6.2 amps. Two of the ports are designed specifically for Apple products. The other two are designed for Android products. All of the ports will charge either Apple or Android devices. The specified ports are simply optimized for the specific technology. The outer two ports are designed for the lower amp smartphones, and the middle two ports are designed to charge tablets.

This is a big deal at my house!  We seem to have a lot of electronic devices that are constantly battling for charging space. Keira’s tablet always seems to need a place to charge, and that usually ends up being the same place I want to charge my phone! This little device here will charge them both with no hassle at all. When all 4 ports are full and it’s plugged in, it gets a little warm, but doesn’t get hot like I expected it too.

After using this device for a few weeks, I only have one concern. When it is plugged in and electronics are connected to it, it tends to sag/pull out of the outlet a little. This is a bit of a safety concern. It isn’t too bad if only one or two items are connected but it is very pronounced if there are 3 or 4 items attached. All in all, this is a handy little item! I might have to grab another!


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