Energy Balance Bracelet Review #energybalancebracelet


Energy Balance Bracelet

Energy Balance Bracelet

The Energy Balance bracelet is a great product to wear on your wrist to give you that added boost of energy that you need in your day!  The Energy Balance bracelets are made of 100% medical grade silicone and a set with two negative ion enriched holograms allowing you to bring the natural benefits with you anywhere. This sleek and stylish band stretches over your hand to fit comfortably on your wrist; you won’t even know it’s there. Negative ions create a very positive effect. If you have ever been to an ocean or in a forest you know how great you feel when you are there. A big reason for this is negative ions. Large amount of them are produced in natural areas. Negative ions are known to increase mental health, power and stamina as well as strengthen the body’s immune system. These negative ions make us feel fresh and energetic.

I wear the #energybalancebracelet because I wanted more energy and I’m very focused on having more energy and getting more things done. Your focus determines your reality.  Is that just because I believe it? Possibly. Everything else in my life happens because I believe in it.  It’s no different with this bracelet.  Who knows if it really works?  It feels like it works. When I have it on I tend to do more, but that probably has less to do with the magnets and more to do with the words Energy Balance written across the top – that reminds me to have more energy.

With 10 different colors including a yellow and green tie-dye, they have a bracelet for everyone’s personality or style. You could wear this anywhere – to the gym, to work, to the store – wherever.  I love that the bracelet was easy to clean too – I wore it in the shower to wash it off and because of the silicone it washed up quickly and didn’t get a nasty residue on it.

People have noticed the nifty pink bracelet I have been wearing and for that reason it is a great conversation starter with everyone that I come across. I love being able to tell people how much more energetic I feel since I started wearing it.    I don’t plan on taking the Energy Balance bracelet off any time soon.


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