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Meet Lulu

Screenshot_2014-07-29-15-16-01The Meet Lulu 2-in-1 Coloring Book was a great gift for my daughters! Meet Lulu is a coloring book that can be used in two different ways. It has an app page that allows the QR code to be scanned and the picture to pop up on a mobile device. The girls can use the crayon stylus that comes with it to color it on their devices. In the beginning the girls fought over the crayon stylus, but both were surprised to find that they could use their fingers to color and thought that was better than the crayon lol.
To be honest, it sounded a little complicated. I gave it to the girls and let them figure it out. It didn’t take any time at all for the girls to figure out how to make the Meet Lulu app work, and they were able to teach me! The featured I liked the most was simply the fact that they could both use it without getting in each other’s way! One girl colored on the pages while the other scanned the QR codes and used the crayon stylus to color on their tablet! I imagine it would work the same way for even more children to use the one Meet Lulu book.

The Meet Lulu book is made from raw materials that can be recycled after the girls are done with it. In this day and age it is awesome to know that some companies are looking out for the environment. It’s nice to see that recycling is at the top of this company’s priority list.

Lulu is not the only character in the book. Meet Lulu features many of Lulu’s friends, such as Milky, Bob, Max, Toby, Jill, Lucy, Rudy and Tom. These characters are sure to thrill your kids. I know my girls really have a lot of fun with this book and all of the different characters! They love being able to choose what to color, as well as how to color. Children, especially mine, really liked to have choices and options when it comes to their activities.

Meet Lulu is a great investment and a fantastic product! It will give the kids plenty to do on the rainy days of their summer vacations!

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