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Sleep Well

Sleep Well for Kids

Though I’ve personally practiced yoga and relaxation techniques, I hadn’t yet shared the practice with my kids. Now, with a simple press of the play button, the kids are able to listen to calm, positive messages and drift off to sleep. This is such a blessing as I have one energy filled child who shares a room with her sister. Under the circumstances, if one child cannot sleep, neither can the other. As an extension, if the kids can’t sleep, neither can I. Each CD features soft music, a soothing voice, and lessons all people can utilize before bed to destress and get the rest they need.

The overall message within the sessions are for children to be still, listen for cues, and to relax. From the beginning, Janet Montgomery, a noted hypnotherapist, asks children to get comfy, practice breathing techniques, and to relax into their pillow. This is “progressive relaxation” as noted on the website. Sleep Well is an excellent beginners program to learn the basics of relaxation and meditation. Montgomery uses images familiar to kids like balloons and bubbles. She gives simple instruction in expanding the belly to take in the deepest breath and feeling it empty upon exhale. This is really cleansing. She also asks listeners to imagine bubble wands and popping “problem” bubbles to release them before sleep. This all makes the program highly accessible to kids.

Even though this CD is designed for children, anyone can use it to get the basic techniques. Though she delivers the material in a kid-friendly way, the instruction and the end result are the same I’ve learned in yoga studios and through various self-help relaxation programs. The soft piano music coupled with the soothing, calm tone of the narrator make a pleasant setting for bedtime. Familiar noises like mooing cows, meowing kittens, and dogs make an “appearance”. Children are lulled to sleep with suggestions to sit still while waiting for the animals to visit them. Your child will be instructed to respect the animals signals and then imagine their soft fur and gentle petting. This creates a place within the child’s mind of safety, soft and pleasant sensory experiences, and settling in for the night. This is a must-have for any anxious kid’s bedtime routine.


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