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Streamline Social Media

Streamline Social Media

Since I am often on both Facebook and Twitter, using multiple accounts, I really needed a way to streamline social media. There have been several apps available for this, but nothing really worked the way I wanted it to, and I found myself disappointed every time. Now, because of SocialCamp, that has all changed. Streamlining my social media accounts is easier and more convenient than ever before.

With SocialCamp, I am able to manage all of my Facebook and Twitter accounts with one single app, and the features are just wonderful! I can see all my news feeds at once, which is so awesome because I never could do that before. It is such a hassle to have to sign into multiple accounts just to scroll through multiple news feeds. With SocialCamp, I no longer have to do that! Also, I can post to all of my accounts from one place! Yep, that’s right! SocialCamp lets me do that, which also saves a lot of time. And in my line of work, time is precious! Sometimes, I don’t want my posts to go up right away, so I have always had to wait until just the right time to post my updates. No more! I can schedule my updates to post at a future time, whenever I want! I absolutely LOVE this APP!!

There are in app purchases, but in my opinion, they are well worth the cost. For free, you can access, and post to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. That is reason enough to download the app. The fee is for if you have multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts. But I think that’s a deal! With multiple accounts, it is SO much trouble to access and update each of them separately! SocialCamp solves that problem. For me, SocialCamp is awesome!

Social Camp is practical for both personal use and business. If you manage multiple accounts like I do and juggle client accounts as well, Social Camp keeps everything you need on your phone close to your fingertips.

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