The Clever Yoga Ball and Hand Towel Combo #CleverYogaBall


Since I have been doing yoga for a little while now, I thought it would be a good idea to expand my horizons a bit and add some yoga ball exercises to my routine. I have found that the Clever Yoga Exercise Ball from Clever Yoga is a great choice. It really does the trick for helping to tone my core and give me more balance and stability. It even comes with a free hand towel, so it really is a good buy!

I think that yoga is an excellent choice for regular exercise. It is so much easier on your body than a lot of other exercises. Yoga helps in several areas and you literally get a full workout every time. It is good for toning your core muscles, making you stronger and more flexible. Yoga actually makes you seem taller because it helps you to have better posture. One of the most awesome things about yoga is that it can make you feel less stressed. Less stress means better blood pressure, and I think we can all agree that means better overall health.


Adding an exercise ball to your yoga routine is beneficial because it gives you opportunities for more variation in exercises. Plus it’s just a fun piece of exercise equipment! There are so many exercises you can do with an exercise ball, and you will love the results you get from using it. I have been practicing some of the simpler ones with mine and am having a wonderful time with it! What I love is that doing exercises with the ball is much less stressful on my body, and this makes me more likely to do them. Even doing simple sit-ups has been easier on my back. The Clever Yoga Exercise Ball can be used in so many ways. A lot of people even use an exercise ball in place of their office chair. Since I am a busy mom, I like that I can do several short sessions of exercise throughout the day. Yes, as with any exercises, yoga is a challenge, but who doesn’t love a good challenge? And I’m pretty sure you will love the Clever Yoga Exercise Ball just as much as me!

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