Two Meows Cat Litter Mat #TwoMeows

If you have a kitty, you know the joys of having such a loving companion. They are sweet and snuggly, fun and entertaining for play, and just all around great pets to have. They don’t need a lot of attention, so you are able to come and go without needing to spend a lot of time taking care of them, but they love to hang out with you. You can really build a special bond with a cat; a bond that will last for years to come.


While those wonderful, snuggly kitties can be one of the best parts of your life, let’s face it; they can also make some of the biggest messes, particularly around their litter box. When they dig in the litter, they scatter it out onto the floor. When they step out of the box, the litter on their feet scatters out onto the floor. Then you find yourself cleaning cat litter multiple times a day. Try the Two Meows Cat Litter Mat, and consider the days of sweeping up kitty litter to be over. Just place it right in front of your kitty’s litter box and let the mat do the work. If your cat uses the front and back of the litter box, place a mat at both places. Both you and your cat will love this mat! Not only does it do a great job of keeping litter off of your floor, it isn’t scratchy like other cat litter mats, so it feels soft on your cat’s delicate feet. You may even catch your kitty taking a nap on it!

When the Two Meows Cat Litter Mat needs to be cleaned, you can easily fold it and shake the litter back into the litter box. You will also appreciate the great quality of this mat. It is durable and will last a really long time. It has a grip on the back, so it stays right where you put it. And who can resist the adorable kitty paw print design? There isn’t another mat on the market that’s quite like this one. You won’t regret buying it, and your cats will love you for it!

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