Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by Zivigo #O69LKRIM

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker by Zivigo

You really cannot get a better speaker for the cost of the Zivigo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker model. The only problem is how easy it is to use. We have vastly different music tastes in our house, so it can be a challenge to have such easy access to the speaker. Thankfully, it’s light and totally portable, so I can send my son and his rap music to his room if I need some peace and quiet. Otherwise, I have no complaints with this inexpensive, easy-to-use, and crystal clear speaker.

We have several devices in our home and as many tastes in music. It’s not a problem with this speaker. Setup is easy with your personal device and the speaker remembers the last used. Besides the easy setup, it’s also incredibly light and portable. Since it has a carry case, we’ve even let our teen take the speaker to a friend’s bonfire. Both indoors and outdoors, the sound quality is clear.

Under the circumstances, it’s evident we need a couple of devices in the house. We plan to put the original model in our family room at the back of the house for all to use. Since our child uses it so much, and likes taking it on sleepovers and to pick-up games, we plan to get one specifically for that use. Based on the cost, it really is an effective way to “keep the peace”. Also, all of the playmates will be able to use the speaker based on the Bluetooth technology. Since the Zivigo has ten hours of battery life, there’s no need to carry around the charging devices unless it’s on an extended trip.

The choice of colors is another cool feature. You can choose from subtle black or gray, or get funkier with bright colors for a tween or teens room. This is great for gift-giving. Since most kids have a cell phone or other electronic device with bluetooth, this makes a great, low cost, and sure to be appreciated present for any music fan. Thought the device comes in several vibrant colors, the manufacturers didn’t go with the current “day glo” trend. That’s a good thing! When the fad dies away, the more subtle colors will easily blend into any bookcase or onto any night stand. The Zivigo is an excellent product to add to any kids room, kitchen, and is even presentable in a family or living room. The sound is good and the portability is a bonus.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

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